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Include Valleyfield, Badger’s Quay, Pool’s Island, Brookfield, Wesleyville, Pound Cove, Templeman & Newtown

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Our Location

New-Wes-Valley is situated on the eastern coast of the province of Newfoundland & Labrador.

The town can be found by driving approximately 1 hour on Route 320 or alternatively, by driving approximately 1.5 hours along Route 330.  New-Wes-Valley includes the communities of  Valleyfield, Badger’s Quay, Brookfield, Wesleyville, Pound Cove, Templemen and Newtown.

We are home to local tourist gems including the Barbour Living Heritage Village and Norton’s Cove Studio & Cafe. And we are  part of the ‘Road to the Shore’ network of scenic seaside routes boasting beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastlines. There’s ample opportunity to see wildlife, icebergs and whales!


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