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Include Valleyfield, Badger’s Quay, Pool’s Island, Brookfield, Wesleyville, Pound Cove, Templeman & Newtown


Public Safety Notice
Public Safety Notice
PLEASE SEE NOTICE BELOW FROM THE COAST GUARD:   Safety Notice for Icebreaking in Indian Bay, Bonavista Bay PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT A CANADIAN COAST GUARD ICEBREAKER WILL BE CONDUCTING A HARBOUR BREAKOUT OF INDIAN BAY, BONAVISTA BAY COMMENCING BETWEEN APRIL 10 AND APRIL 11, 2019. THE ICEBREAKER WILL BE LEAVING AN OPEN WATER TRACK IN THE ICE. REQUEST YOU TAKE ANY ACTION YOU DEEM APPROPRIATE TO NOTIFY RESIDENTS OF THE AREA WHO MAY BE WISHING TO TRANSIT THIS AREA. “CCG informs the local communities of the inherent risks of icebreaking activities. CCG cannot have absolute control on the behavior of the ice. Depending on various conditions, the ice can be pushed instead of broken and ice can crack or break far away from the location…
Crab Festival 2019
Crab Festival 2019
The crab festival committee is in process of planning for our booklet Of events !  If there are any groups or organizations including suppers wish to have their event in the booklets please message our page, email @ nwvrecreation@gmail.com or call the studio 536-2700 during office hours with the details . We are asking to have this information in by June 14th . 
National Volunteer Week April 7th-13th, 2019
National Volunteer Week April 7th-13th, 2019
National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to celebrate the vibrancy and impact of volunteerism in our community. It is the perfect time to say thank-you to volunteers and celebrate the positive impact they have on our community. Volunteering builds confidence, competence, and connections. It creates cohesion, capacity, and lifelong friendships. Volunteering creates the foundations for any great community! This year we once again will be hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Gathering. This time in partnership with Central Health!! Please see below a nomination form to nominate a special volunteer in your life for the volunteer of the year award or pick one up at the Town Hall! All nominees will be invited to the gathering. This is an excellent opportunity to let them know you appreciate them!!…

Our Location

New-Wes-Valley is situated on the eastern coast of the province of Newfoundland & Labrador.

The town can be found by driving approximately 1 hour on Route 320 (exit off the Trans Canada Highway at Gambo) or alternatively, by driving approximately 1.5 hours along Route 330 (exit off the Trans Canada Highway at Gander). New-Wes-Valley is home to local tourist gems including the Barbour Living Heritage Village and Norton’s Cove Studio & Cafe. It is also part of the Road to the Shore network of scenic seaside routes boasting beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastlines. There’s ample opportunity to see wildlife, icebergs and whales!


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