Remembrance Day Ceremony

Remembrance Day Ceremony Information

NLVaxPass at Beothic Arena

NLVaxPass at Beothic Arena Please be advised that as of October 22nd, 2021 it has been made mandatory by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador that everyone over the age… Continue reading NLVaxPass at Beothic Arena

Attention Residents: Variance Notice Re: Attachment to dwelling 16 Marine Drive West

Please see aatached Variance Notice for property located at 16 Marine Drive East.  Notice of Variance

Central Health Visitation Update

Central Health Visitation Update Please see information below on an update provided by Central Health for visitation at Dr. Y.K Jeon Kittiwake Health Centre, New-Wes-Valley and Bonnews Lodge, New-Wes-Valley Central… Continue reading Central Health Visitation Update

Attention Residents: Revised Land of Auction Sale

Attention Residents: Please see revised list of Auction of Land Sale. 6-12 Circular Drive 19 Crosses Road 46 Main Street 208 Main Street W 328 Main Street 504 Main Street.… Continue reading Attention Residents: Revised Land of Auction Sale

Attention: Information regarding Auction of Land Sale

Attention: Information regarding Auction of Land Sale Please be advised, anyone wishing to attend the Auction of Land Sale being held on October 1st, 2021 will be required to register… Continue reading Attention: Information regarding Auction of Land Sale

Discretionary Use Notice

Please See Attached Discretionary Use Notice to operate a business in Newtown Discretionary Use Notice

Water Shut Off

Attention Residents:Please be advised of an unplanned water shut off today at 2:00pm due to a water line break, until further notice. Residents affected are Oceanview Avenue and Bennett Drive.We… Continue reading Water Shut Off

Clean Up Week September 13th-17th, 2021

Please see attached link for information on The Town of New-Wes-Valleys Clean up Week, starting September 13th, 2021. Clean up Week 2021

Notice of Candidates

Please see attached Notice of Candidates for the 2021 Municipal Election: Notice of Candidates