Attention Newtown & Templeman

Attention Newtown & Templeman

The Municipality of New-Wes-Valley is advising residents and businesses, effective immediately, to boil their drinking water. This advisory covers the Newtown and Templeman areas only. This advisory is being issued due to a malfunction in the chlorination system for Carter’s Pond.

Please bring water to a rigorous rolling boil for one (1) minute. This would include water used for:

∙ drinking
∙ brushing teeth
∙ making ice
∙ making juices and other drinks from concentrate or powders
∙ making infant formula and cereal
∙ washing fruits and vegetables
∙ cooking
∙ coffee, tea, etc

We will advise residents when the boil water advisory is no longer in effect.

In the interest of protecting public health, your attention to the boil water advisory is appreciated. More information can be obtained by contacting the town office at 536-2010.

We apologize for any inconvenience.