Valleyfield Double Outdoor Complex (Basketball & Tennis) Located right at the beginning of our community, this double surfaced complex consists of two Tennis courts and a Full Sized Basketball court!! Some other activities that partake here are street hockey, skateboarding, BMX, Scooters, etc. Being surrounded by beautiful aps trees, and the sounds of nature, this place is the ideal spot to shoot some hoops or play tennis!

Guy Perry Memorial Pitch  Swiiiiiiiing, batter batter Swiiiiing! Guy Perry Memorial Pitch is our community’s Softball Field,  as well utilized for a Summer Soccer program. The field is maintained and operated by the NWV Recreation Commission. Located at The Beginning of Valleyfield and is Located appx 6 km from our Town’s Centre!

Pearson Park is a community playground located in the heart of the town, right next to our only school! The Park was a joint effort between community members and a charitable organization called Let Them Be Kids. This playground is equipped with educational equipment, relaxation equipment and physical activity equipment which lets all types of children be kids! Also in Pearson Park you can find a walking loop as well a gazebo for relaxation and quiet!

Pearson Academy Beach Volleyball Complex is the ideal facility if you have a knack for outdoor volleyball. With one regulation sized beach court which is very well maintained, 3 rows bleachers for viewing and a view of the ocean just feet away! A (Enter Size) Basketball Court is also a part of the complex!

Business Pond Boardwalk in Valleyfield just metres away from Guy Perry Pitch and Valleyfield Double Court Complex, is the perfect place for walkers, hikers and runners to enjoy whatever pace they enjoy! The boardwalks surround the beautiful Business Pond which is a habitat for animals such as Beavers, Ducks and Hawks! Encompassing the boardwalk is the Waterline Road Bog which is filled with ponds, marshes and barren rock! Throughout the trail you can stop at one of our many resting stations such as a gazebo, lookout or picnic area and sit back, take a spell and enjoy another one of our breathtaking views! This 3KM trail is also dedicated to remembering our fallen community members, loved ones, friends and pets by creating what is known as “Memory Boards”. Please take the time if you’re in the area to walk one of our most prestige attractions!

Contact Information

Beothic Arena Contact Information: Tel: 536-5883 Email:

President of Minor Hockey – Joy Stagg: 536-9330

President of Crystal Gliders – Vicki Winter: 536-2053

Contact for Curling – Janice Kean: 530-1318

Recreation Commission/Community Channel – Emily Kean: 536-2700

Kittiwake Snowmobile and ATV Association – Les Kean 536-5681