International Singles Day!


Date(s) - 11/11/2018
All Day



On November 11, International Singles Day provides an opportunity for singles around the world to receive special treatment.

Originating in China, Singles Day offers a way to show appreciation to the unmarried, unattached people in our lives. Whether by choice or by circumstance, those who have no spouse or love interest in their lives, are often civic-minded contributors to their communities, volunteers, adventurers or seeking career advancement.  When a crisis occurs in the family, singles can be relied upon to rise to the occasion.

Singles are also a growing segment of the population, and marketers have taken notice.  In recent years, stores and online retailers have slashed prices on November 11 for Singles Day, offering deals to those in the market for a good find.  Each year the interest grows!


Appreciate your single friends and family.  Single does not mean lonely, though an invite to dinner once in a while won’t be turned down.  And, don’t hesitate to check out the Singles Day deals.  You don’t need to be single to shop!  Use #SinglesDay to share on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the source of International Singles Day