Health Accord NL Task Force

The Town of New Wes Valley has been actively engaged with the Health Accord NL Task Force along with Government officials to address the Health Care in our region along with the physician shortage at the Dr. Y. K. Jeon Kittiwake Health Centre to ensure our concerns are heard. Our engagement includes the following;

* Active participant in virtual town hall engagement sessions

* Attendance at the Central Health Board of Trustee meetings

* Meetings with CEO Andre Robichaud- Central Health, Ministers and other Government officials

* Active member of the Physician Retention and Recruitment committee with Central Health

* The Kittiwake Community Advisory Committee (CAC) – Town of New Wes Valley, Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee (R&R Committee) was established out of a need to support the physician recruitment and retention process at the Dr. Y. K. Jeon Kittiwake Health Centre.

* In partnership with Central Health a Collaborative Agreement was designed with the purpose to provide support and advice from the Town of New Wes Valley to Central Health in responding to our local physicians needs and wishes. It also speaks to the willingness and commitment of our local R&R Committee to be more supportive of our physicians and families upon their arrival in our community, initial workplace orientation and for the duration of their stay in our community.

* Active participant in the Mayors Meetings with Central Health* Active member of Health Accord working group, consisting of Mayor Percy Farwell, Mayor Curtis Roebotham, Dr. Peter Blackie, Sandra Kelly, Randell Mercer and David Lewis

* Engaged in discussions with co-chairs Sister Elizabeth Davis and Dr.Patrick Parfrey.

* Mayors meeting with neighboring communities to partner to address issues regarding physician shortage and was successful in obtaining letters of support to present to the health accord task force. See attached link from yesterday’s announcement in Gander by Premier Andrew Furey and Minister Dr. John Haggie on Budget 2022 and how the province is responding to the current issues we all are facing.

The Town of New-Wes-Valley is committed to remaining actively engaged to ensure the best possible health care is available for the region. Central Health will be hosting a series for residents of virtual Town Hall Sessions, as part of these sessions, Central Health staff and physicians will be on hand to answer questions and talk about virtual emergency room care, along with efforts to recruit and retain health care workers. Upcoming dates are posted on their Central Health Facebook page and website. Please visit to register.