Application for Inclusion or Change To The Voters List

Complete this application form to be added to or removed from the Voters List or to update information on the Voters List.  Completed applications must be submitted to the Town of New-Wes-Valley.

To be added to the Voters List, you will have to submit documentation verifying your name, address and signature. To do so, you may submit either (1) a copy of one official document bearing your name, current residence address, and signature (such as driver’s license, mortgage, signed utility bill, etc.) or (2) copies of two documents: one bearing your name and signature, such as a social insurance card; and, another bearing your name and current primary address, such as a utility bill or; (3) an Affidavit signed by an authorized person to receive oaths in the Province (i.e. Commissioner for Oaths or Justice of the Peace) and containing the name and current primary address and signature of the voter.