Mayor’s Message

A Message From Mayor Michael Tiller:

While we may not be good at flaunting it, many tremendously successful people come from the area now known as New-Wes-Valley. Our small towns and communities have been the breeding grounds for creativity, ingenuity, hard work, and success – and have been for many years.

New-Wes-Valley is comprised of communities who are very proud of our people and of our past. We have inspired and educated world famous artists such as David Blackwood, and the world knows about our area’s historic roots in the sealing fishery through the stories of Abe Kean and many others. The success of our people and our area are no accident. And history books chronicle stories of success and heroism against what can only be considered the greatest of odds. Abe Kean and David Blackwood are just two of many former residents who have inspired others and who have re-written history books. There are so many success stories of men and women whose humble beginnings were set right here along the shores of Bonavista North in the community that we now proudly call New-Wes-Valley.

It is sometimes said, “Tough times never last, tough people do.” I fully agree. We are a people who are passionate, strong, and determined, and I’m extremely proud to represent the people of our town as your mayor. I also know that our council are equally as determined, strong, and passionate about what they do. We have set out on a strategic planning exercise to help ensure that we continue to make good strategic decisions and wise investments on your behalf. As important as critical thinking, good planning, and wise investment are in good times, they are even more essential when times are a little tough as they are today. That’s exactly why we have set out on this strategic planning exercise.

We have asked ourselves repeatedly, “How can we set ourselves apart?” Why not New-Wes-Valley? What can we do to help us insure our success as a local community government? I invite you to look through our plan carefully. Look at our vision for the future. Ask yourself what you can do to help. New-Wes-Valley is filled with people with great ideas and generous hearts. One of the challenges we face is finding ways to get people more heavily engaged in giving and contributing to the growth and successful development of our community in various ways. We can not be successful alone. As a council, we are determined to find both the ways and the means to be successful.

I invite you to join us and do whatever you can – regardless of how small or how large it might be – to help us attain success. We’ve started out on an important and life-changing journey, and we invite you to join us along the way.

Michael Tiller
Mayor, Town of New-Wes-Valley