New Beginnings

The Town of New-Wes-Valley has taken responsibility for the The REACH: Bonavista North Museum & Gallery which closed in 2017 due to a lack of volunteers who could continue to make things happen.  Council members are thankful for the dedication of all the past volunteers who worked hard to keep the Museum going until 2017. 

Since then, Council members have found the means through funding and community partnerships to completely renovate the outside and inside of the building- all the things the museum & gallery were in need of have been taken care of with respect and affection for our community’s c.1930 schoolhouse and arts community. 

With the reopening of The REACH: Bonavista North Museum and Gallery Council members are considering the renaming of the building, with input from the community. This is because in most cases our area is not the first location that comes to tourist minds when they hear “Bonavista North” and feel that it would be better recognized with a new revitalizing name.

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