Pool's Island

Pool’s Island is an incorporated community of Badger’s Quay-Valleyfield-Pool’s Island in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It is now part of the town of New-Wes-Valley.

Pool’s Island was named Fool’s Island up until the 1850s. It was visited in the late 18th century by migratory fishermen but permanent settlement did not begin until about 1800 by seal fishermen and inshore cod fishermen. The first known resident was Anne Jeans, recorded in 1815. By 1821, a sealing captain from Greenspond, William Knee, was living on Pool’s Island, and in 1823, a Jacob Preston was there. Other family names that came to Pool’s Island were Kean, Ayles, Pope, Dalton, and Davis; many of these settlers came from Flowers Island. There was a rapid increase in population between 1845 and 1869 when the population grew from 177 to 524, mainly because of the Labrador seal hunt and Pool’s Island was in the path of the harp seal migration route. The growth of Pool’s Island eventually led to the growth of communities surrounding it, such as Valleyfield and Badger’s Quay.