Templemen, Newfoundland & Labrador is a part of the Municipality of New-Wes-Valley. Templeman is located on the north side of Bonavista Bay just south of Cape Freels and north of Wesleyville. It offers a shallow and rocky harbour, therefore its harbour can only accommodate and is only suitable for small boats.

This fishing community was originally named Fox Cove and was settled in the 1870’s. Settlers that came to Templeman were from nearby islands such as Bennett’s Island, Cobbler’s Island, and Pinchard’s Island. Some of the family names that came from those areas are Green, Tuff, Howell, and Vincent. The decision to settle in Templeman was most likely due to the Labrador fishery.

Templeman first appears in the 1884 Census with a population of 75. By 1901, the population had increased to 225 people. However, with the collapse of the Labrador fishery in the 1930’s, Templeman’s population suffered a sharp decline. In 1921, there were 51 families living in Templeman and by 1971, there were only 55 people. As time passed, Templeman’s population was able to rebound just slightly as people from Wesleyville moved there.

Templeman became part of Wesleyville in 1992. The community is now a part of the town of New-Wes-Valley.